Love for the land and for wine has always been our mission. Each bottle tells the unique story of Antica Enotria. The thirtieth harvest is a special chapter in our history, a moment of reflection and celebration on both a human and corporate level. It is the result of three decades of dedication, love for the land and commitment to producing exceptional organic wines. We were born farmers and continue to be.

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The Connection with the Earth

The harvest in organic wine is not just about harvesting the grapes, but represents the culmination of an entire season of care and attention dedicated to the vineyards. We have always worked in harmony with nature, avoiding the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic substances. This connection to the land results in high-quality grapes, which reflect the terroir in which they are grown.

The harvest is the first step in creating high-quality organic wine. The carefully harvested grapes are transported to the cellar where the winemaking process begins. Here, organic grapes are treated with respect, using natural methods and sustainable technologies. The result is an organic wine that is not only ecologically sustainable but also offers an authentic and distinctive taste.

The Thirtieth Harvest of Antica Enotria

For Antica Enotria, the thirtieth harvest represents an extraordinary milestone. This company, founded in 1993, has dedicated three decades to the love for the land and for wine. The passion, dedication and love for the land are visible in every bottle. This anniversary is a moment of celebration on both a human and corporate level, an opportunity to thank those who have shared this journey.

Our harvest is a promise of sustainability and quality wines for generations to come. Each bottle tells the story of this dedication and ongoing commitment to the art of organic wine. It is a ritual that embodies the love for the land, attention to quality and passion for wine.

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