We are born farmers and we continue to be farmers. In 1993 my father Raffaele founded Antica Enotria with the aim of returning the authentic taste of the earth to the wine. The visceral love for our vineyards and our fields has guided us to respect for nature. Thus, our daily commitment gives our products an unmistakable taste.

Luigi Di Tuccio

Di Tuccio Family

In the Di Tuccio family, love for the land  flows through the veins. . It was only the beginning of the 90s when Raffaele, with his wife Addolorata, left Basilicata, their homeland, to start a new life in Apulia, following the dream of a fertile land that can give unexpected fruits. On these virgin soils they make a decision: to cultivate 40 hectares of vineyards and vegetables without using synthetic products and genetically modified organisms. Thus was born the idea of ​​the agrobiological farm.

The purchase and renovation of the Contessa Staffa farm, near the Cerignola countryside, marks the beginning of a journey made of unusual choices and desired successes that led the company to make organic wine first and later allowed the creation of pickles, tomatoes and ready-made sauces.

A vision outside the box, in some ways risky, which has repaid the family for all the efforts that have taken place over the years.

Organic is a philosophy of life for the Di Tuccio family. The guarantee of a product that truly comes to the table and safeguards the environment feeds the enthusiasm of Luigi, Raffaele’s son.

Reconciling the idea of ​​organic farming linked to the production of genuine food is Luigi‘s main objective. A sustainable diet that does not need chemicals, that respects seasonality and Zero-Food Mile is one of the main values ​​of the company.

As a child, Luigi learned to interpret the needs of the earth. A talent shared with his wife Valentina who together with him follows the business development of the company and will be handed down to his children.


Antica Enotria is located in Cerignola, Apulia. The vines and fields extend from the inside towards the sea, a mix of landscapes made of sun and wind that offers a terroir unique in the world. The cellar is located within the ancient Contessa Staffa farm, a noble building dating back to 1700, discovered 30 years ago by Raffaele when it was only a ruin. It is here that the company produces wine and organic preserves. In the large stone rooms there are the cellar and the wine refining cellar.

The court of the masseria is the stage around which the life of the company revolves. The show is dictated by the season: in September it hosts the vinification, in winter it host the processing of artichokes and extra virgin olive oil and in the summer season it host tomatoes and vegetables for fresh consumption.

The Approach

All the food and wine products are preservatives free and certified by ICEA, and the wines are low in sulphites.

The breath of the earth.
Every day is different, powerful or subdued. You listen to it and you breathe with it, following its rhythm Raffaele Di Tuccio
Antica Enotria