Our preserves offer forgotten moments of taste. Production is at km 0 because it is completely produced in our farm. That's why they keep the original taste Luigi Di Tuccio


Antica Enotria makes organic preserves following the typical Apulian recipes handed down from generation to generation, giving the palate intense moments of lost tastes. Preserves in oil, pickled olives, tomato puree and ready-made sauces are created only with raw materials harvested exclusively from the fields owned by the family and are grown by the company team according to the organic farming method.

Each product is processed following the natural seasonality of the fruit. Tomatoes, “Bella di Cerignola” olives and vegetables such as aubergines and artichokes are harvested once they have reached the right degree of ripeness. Taken in a masseria, they are preserved by skilled hands in glass jars over a few hours


The proximity of the fields to the farm and the few production steps allow the creation of zero kilometer products. This allows to preserve not only a true and authentic taste over time but also the crunchiness of vegetables as well as the sweetness of tomatoes.

Moreover, thanks to the presence of olive groves, patè, sott’oli and ready-made sauces are created exclusively with Coratina produced extra virgin olive oil of the company An extra virgin olive oil with an unmistakable taste of a pleasant green tomato and a spicy aftertaste.


  • “Bella di Cerignola” olives in brine

  • Dried Tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil

  • Eggplants in extravirgin olive oil

  • Grilled Artichokes in extra virgin olive oil