Puragioia Nero di Troia IGT Puglia


Puragioia Nero di Troia IGT Puglia is the new wine of Antica Enotria that was born as a tribute to the joy of living and the territory it belongs to. Puragioia is a new interpretation of Nero di Troia by the cellars and focuses on the story of an Puglia that enhances the past in a new guise. It is distinguished by its ruby red color with purple hues, its scent refers to small red fruits and a slight spiciness. In the mouth it is soft and with a slightly quite savory and slightly tannic finish, typical characteristics of the Uva di Troia.

100% Nero di Troia
13.5% vol.


Nero di Troia IGT Puglia is a wine with an important flavor. It goes very well with dishes with an intense taste like pasta with truffles or with red meat sauces. Ideal with savory second courses such as roast pork with local spices, lamb-based dishes, mature cheeses and lampascioni, baked hare.

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Puragioia Nero di Troia IGT Puglia embodies the philosophy of Raffaele and Valentina of “living with joy, always”. It is an organic red wine 100% Nero di Troia that tells a new interpretation of this vine by Antica Enotria. It is born as a convivial wine, in the purest sense of the term, a wine that wants to make those who taste it feel good. Nero di Troia is one of the emblematic vines of the Apulian wine tradition. Antica Enotria has gone further. He added emotions, love for Puglia, for life and for the future.

These grapes reach maturity in early October. After the harvest and soft pressing the must ferments and macerates with the skins for 12 days. After racking, this wine remains in batonage on the fine lees for 2 months. We use very low amounts of sulphites and do not add any chemical additives to winemaking. Puragioia Nero di Troia IGT Puglia ages in steel for 8 months and then bottled for 4 months before release.

Nero di Troia is among the most cultivated varieties in Puglia. The area of ​​greatest cultivation is Daunia, the area known as the territory that includes the province of Foggia and the area north of the province of Bari. It is said that this vine has very ancient origins even dating back to Diomede, hero of the Trojan war, which led in Puglia this vine. However this is not the only version on the birth of this grape variety: it is also thought that the origin may also come from the nearby Albanian coasts, exactly from the small village of Cruja, which in the vernacular was called Troy.

Nero di Troia has always been known for its high presence of tannins. Precisely for this reason until what decade ago, this wine was used to create blends. Lately Nero di Troia has been at the center of a cultural and taste enhancement that has promoted its elegance and delicacy.


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