The organic wines of Antica Enotria  are an expression of the values ​​of the Di Tuccio family and of the terroir. Each bottle reflects the strong bond with the Apulian territory. The Masseria Contessa Staffa, where the vinification takes place and from which the 12 hectares of vineyard start, is on a plain that descends towards the Adriatic surrounded by vineyards and olive groves kissed by the sun and the sea breeze.

The unique terroir leaves a sapid and mineral imprint to the wines, maintaining a stable balance. To enhance the characteristics of the vines, the harvests are not late and the refinement in wood is never excessive.

The combination of passion, agricultural techniques, microclimate and mineral characteristics of the soil, particularly calcareous, offer mineral wines, fresh on the palate, characterised by a great longevity.


In the philosophy of Antica Enotria the terroir is not just earth, it is indeed an ecosystem to protect, a complex set of factors that starts from the soil and also includes environmental and chemical-physical conditions. The geographical location of the vineyards, which is quite special, creates an unexpected mix that we jealously preserve as it helps to create the identity of the wine.

The terroir of this area is inimitable. The soils are very rich in limestone, clay and mineral salts. The characteristics of the soil are added to those of the climate, mild in winter and torrid in summer. The wind that comes from the sea brings salt, instead, that gives flavour and lowers and mitigates the summer heat giving a refreshing to the vines. The climate is perfect for biology agriculture and for quality viticulture, despite being on the plain, the proximity to the sea gives us temperatures that are not too high in summer. The area, very windy with very useful currents from the East and North, is characterised by very little humidity and good night-time temperature ranges.


atural. We like to associate this adjective with our wine. Natural as something that is an integral part of “nature”. To make our organic wine, we plan vinification from the vineyard, excluding chemical fertilisers and pesticides at all stages of the production process. The vines thus grow in their authentic habitat with fruits that express the characteristics of the territory. This allows us to obtain healthy grapes rich in flavours. We are thus able to create a genuine, quality-product with added value: respect for the environment and consumer health.


Luigi Di Tuccio


Once harvested, the grapes are brought to our farm. This is where the vinification takes place and it is here that they rest, in that cellar that rises where there were stables, haystacks and dwellings.

Wine is a child of the earth. The grapes are not the only biological being, but the whole process of winemaking and processing. Valentina Mastroserio
Antica Enotria