“A ruin, a few stones abandoned in the flat area of ​​the table. The Contessa Staffa farmhouse thirty years ago appeared to us like this and it took a lot of work and effort to bring it back to life.”

This phrase, taken from the company’s website, makes us understand what led to the abandonment of the land by the farmers and the emigration to northern Italy and abroad in search of luck. The story of Raffaele Di Tuccio instead seems to go against the current, when in 1993, he bought the ruin of the Contessa Staffa farm and the estate and started an agricultural activity with the production of vegetables and the breeding of the vine. So much is the love for the land that the biological management of these lands becomes a choice of life and the realization of a dream. The dream of being able to offer a series of food and wine excellences all produced and transformed into a company following the dictates of organic production. Simple products that excite for the sincere, essential, sometimes rustic but always sincere taste.

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