Water, wind and sun

Organic tomatoes grown by Antica Enotria only need water, wind and sun. On the extensive flat fields the brown colour of the earth is tinged with the intense red of these fruits cultivated according to the methods of organic farming. The different types of tomatoes such as cherry, San Marzano and the ancient variety of yellow tomatoes ripen in the hot sun of Apulia during the summer months, caressed by a mix of winds that mixes sea breezes and country aromas. Only nature suggests when the right moment has arrived to seize them, strictly by hand. To preserve the sweetness and nutritional qualities, they are immediately taken to the farm to be selected, washed and stored.

Everything starts from the raw material. Our organic tomatoes are carefully cultivated and harvested at the right level of ripeness. The glass jars preserve the sweetness of the sun and the breeze of the Apulian winds.


Peeled tomatoes

Peeled Tomatoes in brine

We add nothing to our peeled tomatoes. Only water and salt. Meaty and firm, they are striking for their intense red

Ingredients: Fresh tomatoes *, water, basil *, sea salt, acidifier: citric acid

* Organic

Format: 580 ml, 1057 ml, 3100 ml

Cut tomatoes

Split tomatoes in brine

Hand-picked, washed and cut in half. The split tomatoes guarantee an experience on the palate.

Ingredients: Fresh tomatoes *, water, basil *, sea salt, acidifier: citric acid

* Organic

Format: 580 ml

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes in brine

During the summer our small tomatoes are gently picked by hand and stored within a few hours.

Ingredients: Fresh tomatoes *, water, sea salt, acidifier: citric acid

* Organic

Format: 580 ml, 1057 ml

Tomatoes, olives and capers

Cherry tomatoes with olives and capers in brine

Cherry tomatoes with olives and capers are a real specialty of the Di Tuccio family. Icon of summer flavors.

Ingredients: Cherry tomatoes *, water, olives *, capers *, salt, extra virgin olive oil *, chilli *, basil *, white balsamic vinegar *, garlic *, oregano *, marjoram *, acidity regulator: citric acid.

* Organic

Format: 580 ml

Cut yellow tomatoes

Cut  yellow cherry tomatoes in brine

Unique in its kind, the yellow tomato is naturally lacking in acidity. Once harvested by hand in our fields, they are split in half and preserved

Ingredients: Yellow tomatoes*, water, sea salt

* Organic

Format: 580 ml

Yellow datterini tomatoes in brine

Yellow datterini tomatoes in brine

Hand-harvested in our fields, yellow Datterini tomatoes are preserved in jars with water and salt. Sweet, juicy and free of acidity, Yellow Datterini are a concentrate of beneficial substances and properties useful for our immune system.

Ingredients: Yellow datterini tomatoes*, water, sea salt


Format: 580 ml

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