“With stubbornness and great agronomic sensitivity Luigi Di Tuccio managed to bring the company created by his father Raffaele to the highest levels in a difficult territory like that of Cerignola, changing the way of approaching the agricultural world.

LIFE One of the first Apulian companies to focus on organic. Antica Enotria represents a flagship for this area of ​​Daunia with great potential. Today, 25 years later, it is Luigi who conducts all the production phases, assisted by Giuseppe Bonavita and the winemaker Aldo Avello.

VINEYARDS The vineyards wind their way around the Contessa Staffa farm, recovered from an old ruin, on alluvial soils rich in pebbles and limestone, with both a pergola and espalier pergola system. The company also produces table olives and excellent vegetables, which are processed and potted according to the recipes of mom Antonia.

WINES The nature of the land and the wine-growing practices give the wines a very specific identity profile. Minerality, structure and freshness for the Falanghina 2018 (white, 13.000 bt; 10 €). The 2018 Enotria Bianco 2018 (white, Fiano, Falanghina; 6,000 bt; € 6) is simpler but not trivial, offered at a great price. The Countess Staffa 2018 (rosé, Montepulciano, Trojan grapes; 7.000bt; 9 €) is really well done: balanced between acidity and structure, it is crisp and long. Always very good the Nero di Troia 2016 (red 12.000bt; 12 €), with well integrated tannins. Perfect combination of elegance and body for 10 October 2012 (red, Trojan grape, Aglianico, 2,600 bt; 17 €).

SALT OF THE EARTH 2015 (red, Trojan grapes; 3,000 bt; 21 €). It is a masterful interpretation of the grape variety, with tannin rightly in evidence, but accompanied by fruity and balsamic notes. “

Antica Enotria